Monday, 4 November 2013


Hopefully this is all of use to you, and makes some kind of sense.

In short, there are 5 art works you can position however you like in the room, with each only having a couple of simple instructions to abide by.

Then 5 gestures to test some of the other ways the building might function. All except two are optional so just use them if you want to add these elements to your design. The compulsory ones are: Please choose a wall colour for my gallery space that isn't white; Please place the wall text and sign about the Ongoing Song somewhere visible in the building.

I am happy - indeed keen - to continue the conversation with you, so please get in contact with me via barry(at)sykes(dot)tc with any questions.

Useful links:

My website

My Facebook post about gallery snags

A resource to gallery websites (and therefore interiors) in the UK, NECA
See also Contemporary Art Daily, This is Tomorrow.

Video by Frieze art magazine on 3 different public galleries in Berlin
Interesting to hear they describe themselves, their function, though stay alert for empty rhetoric!
Also ones on London and New York

Eastside Projects' User Manuals: draft #2, #4 (which was then revised into #5). #6 out now in hard copy.

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