Monday, 4 November 2013

ARTWORK#4: 'The Smell of Knowing', 2012

Originally made for a 'Late at Tate' evening event at Tate St Ives, a series of fragrances chosen for the appropriateness of the abstract nouns they're named with and the sculptural references in their bottles. Armani 'Attitude, Calvin Klein 'Obsession' and this one, Estée Lauder 'Knowing', 30ml (9cm high).

The bottle is placed on the floor, against one of the gallery walls, away from the corners. Every hour a gallery invigilator will pick it up and squirt the bottle ten times into the room, initially creating a small fog of intense, almost repellent, perfume, soon fading as the air circulates.

YOUR INPUT: This can go anywhere in the gallery, albeit at the edge of the floor as described above.

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